At Squared Away, you get a team.

You don't just get an assistant, you get an entire team behind them. Our shared knowledge allows us to do almost anything. If we don't know, we will find out. Our community is our power.

Our Services

Scheduling and Travel Planning

Calendaring, Service Arrangements, Appointments, etc

Flights, Accommodations, and Restaurant Reservations

Event/Party Planning

Marketing and Social Media Management

Social Media Research (Unlimited!)

Content Creation

Hootsuite Pro

Much more...

Startup & VC Support

CEO Fundraising - Checklist & Guide

Partner & Portfolio Scheduling

Deal Tracking

Due Diligence

Time Optimization

Inbox Management

Contact Tracking

We Take Care of Your To-Do List!

Finance Optimization


Payroll Invoicing

Perks and Credit

Expense Reporting

General Admin

Drafting Documents


Phone Support

From Admin, To everything.

This is just scratching the surface of all the things possible by working with us. From Admin, to everything. That's Squared Away.

Day To Day Operations

Operations SUpport

Customer service, inbox management, bookkeeping functions, facilities management (yes, we can do that remotely!)

Calendar Management

Best Agenda

Scheduling, rescheduling, setting up video conferencing and meetings, setting reminders

Inbox management

Boost your inbox

Drafting emails, flagging important emails in your own inbox, maintaining an inbox for you to review.

Travel Management


Booking trips, scheduling and rescheduling flights, researching and booking lodging, finding conference space or meeting rooms.

Home Management

Home SUpply

Placing grocery delivery orders, placing Amazon orders for activities and supplies, hunting down hard-to-find items such as toilet paper, disinfecting wipes, immune support supplements and medication, etc.

Social Media Management

Social Media

Writing copy, designing social assets, setting up publishing schedule, scheduling posts through tools like planoly, creation of materials through tools like Canva.



Invoicing, AR and AP functions, Quickbooks management, Gusto management, and more.

Project Management


Project planning, project task and deadline tracking, creation of tracking tools and proficiency in PM technology, follow up reminders.

Home School Organization & Planning


Zoom tutorials for parents and kids, researching and providing appropriate homeschool materials and resources for each individual child, time blocking and management.

Teaching Remote Tools


Zoom, Loom, Asana, etc. Check out our resources page to see all the tools we recommend and use.

Our company policy:
We don’t work with assholes.

It's easy to be kind, and it takes effort to be an asshole.
So don't be one because we don't work with those.


Will I always have the same assistant?

Yes! Your assistant will stay the same & will become your right hand. We also have a backup assistant in case coverage is ever needed.

What can you handle for me?

If you can visualize it, we can make it a reality. Some of our basic tasks include: travel planning & itineraries, calendar management, inbox management, bookkeeping and expense reports, social media management, company marketing items/equipment orders, blog writing, personal meal planning and online ordering, finding handymen/service people to help with any project, project management, weekly check in calls, meeting minutes, plan team outings and events, coordinate with people in other countries to make events/travel plans happen. And everything in between!

Where is my assistant based?

Your assistant will be U.S. based and readily available in the time zone of your choice.

How long does it take to get set up with an assistant?

You can expect to be matched with your assistant within 24 hours.

Are you available outside of 9:00 am – 5:00 pm?

This is on a case by case basis and dependent on your assistant. Most of our team is readily available in emergent situations.

What is your average task response time?

Within 1 hour. Assistants are constantly checking their messages for client tasks and you can expect them to acknowledge receipt within an hour of sending.

How many clients does an assistant have?

Assistants are placed with a maximum of 3 clients and most have only 1 or 2. We want our clients to be a priority and not just a number on a to-do list.

10.000 happy clients

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WE have a plan for everyone

At Squared Away, we know that great work takes time. Our skilled assistants are fully trained and ready to meet your every need.

If you can dream it, we can do it!

Need more hours? Ask us about our custom plans.



15 hours/month



75 hours/month