Our team of military spouses gives you your time back.

We exist to make work better by letting you focus solely on what matters. We are your trusted assistants. This entire journey started because Michelle, our CEO & Co-founder couldn’t get a job due to her being a military spouse. Constantly changing bases meant being in a different city at a moment’s notice. Everywhere she went, she met others with the same story.

Highly educated, ready to work, struggling to find a job. Military spouses.

That’s when Squared Away was born. To empower military spouses to build meaningful careers, be your trusted assistant, and work from anywhere.

Today, we work with some of the best companies, teams and venture capital firms in the world in addition to top executives and freelancers.

We aren’t virtual assistants. We are your most trusted team members. Your right hand. We just so happen to work remotely and do things that a typical in office assistant would do. We are all US based. If you can’t trust and share everything with your assistant, it doesn’t work. We anticipate your needs and are proactive vs. reactive. This is why most virtual assistants or automated robot assistants don’t work.

We are trained in high growth and scaling businesses. We help make growth happen by making sure you can focus on the things that matter.

Leave the rest to us.

Sure, we might do things that an assistant would do. Travel, meetings, research, etc etc. Except, we do it better, and we do a lot more than that. We are specialized in many areas specific to high growth businesses and venture capital; funding round systems and checklists, M&A transactions, due-diligence and recruiting process, podcast producing and social media management, contact management, office moves for every funding round, and supporting your team members not just your executives.

Basically, whatever you need done, we can do it.

Our customers find that we deliver top notch work at a fraction of the cost of having a full-time employee on payroll. We are changing the way we work to help you and your company do the same.

So, what do you say? Wanna get Squared Away?

We are a proud Hire Heroes employer.

Hire heroes is a non-profit organization that supports Military Members, Veterans and Military Spouses in finding meaningful employment. We are proud to partner with this organization as they align with our mission of breaking the Military Spouse unemployment cycle.